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Hey there guys I'm back from my anime convention. For those who don't know I attended Otakon, an anime convention held every year during the summer in Baltimore MD. This was my 9th year going to it and this year was my first time ever cosplaying. As you all already know I went as Big Sister from the game Bioshock 2 because I love horror themed first person shooters and the Bioshock series is my favorite. It took me months and quite a bit of money to make my cosplay *took a few trial and errors on making everything* and I was seriously a nervous wreck the day before I went to Otakon.

Anyways Fridays events: Woke up and began to try on my cosplay which took forever to do then when I tried to put my needle prop on my completely fell apart which I SWEAR nearly made me cry. The reason why is because even though I knew in the back of my mind people will still know who I was cosplaying as without the weapon, I felt as though without the weapon then it wouldn't be a [i]true[/i] Big Sister cosplay. BUT since my mom and dad had been waiting months *and watching my money account deplete* for me to wear the outfit I knew I couldn't disappoint them. Plus I'd been advertising on different sites about what I was going to cosplay and some people really wanted to see my work. So I sucked it up, left my needle at home, and proceeded to allow my mother and neighbor to take pictures of my cosplay before leaving for Otakon *pics have already been uploaded*.

I really thought I was going to be sick during the car ride and I wanted to shout for my mom to turn around because I thought I looked terrible. It didn't help that I didn't take any of my medications at all that day or the day xanax would've been amazing at that moment.

For those who haven't figured out by now I am an overweight girl. I have been since I was.....10 or maybe even before that. Been ridiculed for it for years and still going through it now despite the fact that I lost a lot of weight *still not at my target weight for a girl my size but it's better than nothing*. It's sad to say that I'm [i]slightly[/i] used to all the fat jokes, people mocking me, blah blah; however there's a time where I [i]hope[/i] that I don't hear it. That time for me is when I'm attending anime conventions because I feel like I'm around people who understand what it's like to be different from society's "norm" and know what hurts and what doesn't. However a few months ago when I was researching stuff for my cosplay I stumbled onto a site that said "Worst Bioshock Cosplays" and you can just guess what was on it. That made me want to scream especially since 1) the site gets updated every few months apparently and 2) a few cosplayers on the site attended the same Otakon that I go to....

Oh yeah a site that's literally about horrible cosplays from Bioshock; that totally didn't make me want to scream, shout, and throw myself out the window.

So back to the main idea: as we pulled into the front of the convention center all I could think about was that somewhere in that convention center was the jackass who made that site is somewhere in that building just waiting to make a fool out of me and my hard work. It took me awhile to get my mask on since my shoulder armor and chest piece made it difficult for me to move but once I got everything on I did my walk of shame.


I took five steps away from my mom's car and already 6 people jumped out of the registration line and asked for my picture. At first I turned around to see if they meant a random cosplayer standing behind me but when a few said that they wanted a picture with the Big Sister you can guess how happy I was. After they got their pics they said that they loved my mask and was shocked when I told them this was my first time cosplaying. Even said I did a great job and offered some improvement in certain areas. But it was all in all a great first attempt.

I'll admit even though I heard what they said I thought it was just beginner's luck but as the day progressed I got my picture taken a grand total of 77 times plus was in a Bioshock themed photoshoot and was asked to appear in another photoshoot on Saturday. It was pretty amazing I'll admit that, despite the fact that my legs and arms were killing me from walking all day and the fact that it was difficult to move my arms because of my armor.

The rest of the weekend was a bit slow but it was pretty cool. Even the vendors in the dealer's room kept asking me about my mask and I got a few freebies because I was the first Big Sister they've seen in years *YAY free anime buttons*.

Was I still nervous as the weekend continued? Hell yeah but not as bad as before. I mean I still heard negative comments from some people about how a girl of my size should've picked  a character that better suits my body shape. One even had the balls to say that a black girl should only cosplay other black/dark skinned characters but that's a rant for another day.

So yeah all in all first time cosplaying was pretty good. However next time I think I should pick something less bulky. I kinda already have an idea on what I want to do believe it or not. Also to the people that I met there: thanks for cheering me up and talking with me: again sorry if my weird medical facts creeped you out!
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Ti-Asjah Griffiths
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Hey there random people of the world I don't know ^_^

My name is Ti!

Well let's see...I'm 20 turning 21 soon a student at SU and I guess the best way to describe me as is WEIRD and CRAZY!

I'm an active member and supporter of the LGBT community *don't like it than shut up and leave* :3

I'm American, Jamaican, and British no accent sadly thanks to speech therapy when I was younger :/

I'm more of a writer than anything but I love to sew and I've made a few cosplays for my friends and family in the past.

Active gamer and Otaku who frequently attends conventions in MD as often as possible.

Love metal music, horror movies, blood, gore, Gir, Hello Kitty, Vinyl Scratch, roleplaying, and just being me.

So yeah that's somewhat me in a nutshell any questions just ask I do love questions.


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